Gender Female
Grace Earth
Sign Type Mutable
Number of the Zodiac 6
Ruler ruled by mercury
Day of the Week Wednesday
Colours Orange, yellow, ochre, cream Earthy colours, green-yellow combinations
Gemstones Marble, topaz, agate, Aquamarine, hyacinth
Metal Mercury, nickel
Flowers and plants Valerian, corn, wheat, rye Herbaceous plants
Tarot Cards The hermit
Cities and Countries Turkey, brazil, crete, switzerland Athens, Toulouse, Jerusalem
Negatives The need for perfecting everything and everybody causes undue stress, worry and emotional backlashes. The can be over-demanding and prudish, sometimes even waspish. They can keep secrets, be manipulative and withhold information if they believe it will serve them best. They very often are undemonstrative with love and can be a hypochondriac. They hoard things and thoughts often to their own detriment.
Positives They are humane and helpful to those needy. They have excellent knowledge about health issues and their attention to detail is painstaking. They are punctual, quiet and efficient. They apply their knowledge practically and unobtrusively; have great ability to focus and are tuned into the vibes of the earth and its inhabitants. They can be extremely tolerant.

Symbolism, mythology and influence

The placement of the virgin in the heavens is depicted by the great stars of Spica (the pearl), Denebola, Arcturus and Cor Caroli. They form the picture of the virgin in our skies and denote the position of Virgo in the heavens. She is a celestial woman of virtue, a symbol of bountiful harvests and of abundance in nature.

Virgo is depicted by the glyph of the capital letter M with a circle attached to the top right hand corner. The glyph symbolises the untouched female reproductive energy yet to bear harvest and also shows the coils of the intestine from which nutrition is derived. These areas are ruled by Virgo.

The Virgin symbol has, throughout history, been seen as the font of fecundity, or intellectual productivity, traditionally seen as a state of virginity. Egypt worshipped Isis who undoubtedly with her son was preserved for posterity as the Great Sphinx. The legends are many, from Aphrodite and Astraea worshipped by the Greeks, to the bride of Krishna. The Romans worshipped Ceres, but all were closely associated with wheat, corn and harvests. There have been many vestal virgins throughout the ages, probably the most venerated was Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Virgo, like Gemini, is ruled by Mercury, also known as Hermes, yet functions quite differently within the Virgo house of day-to-day life. Virgo brings to Hermes a quieter introspective feeling, concentrating his power and energy into the earthy, yet mutable healing nature of this sign. Hermes is less flighty here than in Gemini and is more consistent in nature.

Mercury is never far away from the Sun and never shows its full face to the Earth either; this certainly pertains to Virgos quieter almost secretive ways. The glyph of Mercury represents the semi-circle of the Moon, the cross of matter and the circle of spirit, all of which demonstrates its thrust of energy into the powerful earth to bring about abundance crops and harvests. It stands for communication of ideas in Gemini, yet here in Virgo through the alchemical purification of its power becomes the patience, attention to detail and perfectionism that underscores some of the Virgoan traits.

Mercury deals with aspects of communication whether in Gemini or Virgo, only the form in which it is presented is different.


Virgos are like holograms. Others see many parts of them but probably never get to see the whole picture. Inside this strong earth sign is a person who worries so much about imperfection and is never satisfied with themselves or their own standards. Virgo can often be seen as the know it all, but this just hides a fear of not being good enough in other people’s eyes. Virgo can be an insomniac, always worrying about things, very often worrying about not worrying enough!

Virgo is the sign that understands that all the parts need to be in place before the big picture can fall in place, no matter what the quest or job is. They usually crave the opportunity to serve others or take change of the mundane trivia that they see as the foundations of a successful outcome.

They do not equate being of service to servitude. The two things are completely different. Most Virgos choose to work behind the scenes, as they do not really like the limelight or centre stage, usually liking to work invisibly to get the end result.

What you see is not very often what you get with Virgo either, their mind and their outward expressions are usually opposite and can confuse those who do not know them well. This chameleon effect helps them blend in and keep their secrets to themselves.

Virgos are talented, yet unusual people for the most part, are conscientious and have great reserves of discipline and energy. They quietly seek the sense of autonomy that comes from being in control of their own lives, whether in a financial or emotional way. They like to write the rules of their own lives.

Being a mutable sign they have an innate flexibility and adaptability, like Gemini, but their earthy quality tends to stop them taking risks, unless these have been very carefully thought through first. Educated guesses seem to work best for Virgo.

Virgos can be either the proverbial everything in its place type of person or a total slob. This can show up on the outside by collecting things or hoarding, or on the inside by collecting troublesome thoughts or trivia that has no meaning or reason to be there. This can cause internal stress that very often shows up as stomach cramps, this sign does, after all, rule the intestines.

Virgo can be a complicated sign and has tendencies to set high standards not only for themselves but for others also. This sometimes makes it difficult for them to find a partner in life, because no one comes up to the level of expectation! However, everyone who enters into a Virgo life is there for a reason, no one comes into their lives for nothing, and everyone teaches them something. At least that’s how Virgos seem to view it.

In Virgo, Mercury (Hermes) demonstrates the more discerning side of his nature and gives to Virgo the gift of internal analysis and powers of clear observation. This can however come through as overt criticism or unspoken looks that speak volumes to those that trespass or break the Virgo ‘rules’, simply because Virgo can see where perfection should rein, or where there are things that could be fixed so that something works better, or look more to their liking. They are highly psychic and tuned in too, as Mercury gives Virgo a highly tuned sensitivity to other people’s energy and they can sense the vibes quite accurately. In all their personal relationships, irrespective of whether they are intimate or not, Virgo seeks to be of help and will attempt to do everything in their power to do things for others. But they can use this to their own advantage too and very often manipulates others just by being of service to them!

Typically they like to be the head of the household, whether male or female, and it is here where they tend to feel the safest and most relaxed. Usually quite domesticated, they are often found to be pursuing hobbies at home or working from home.

A typical Virgo often expects devotion from their partners and likes to be fussed over but while they don’t necessarily seek to be pandered they do enjoy being appreciated. Heaven forbid if their ‘selfless’ actions are not appreciated. Virgo feels that they should be treated in very special ways that adhere to their own code of behaviour.

Virgo as the Vestal Virgin is linked to caring and nurturing and as a parent they are very encouraging to their children and helpful, but sometimes finds it difficult to express affection openly and warmly. They get easily embarrassed at public displays of affection. However, they will always be there for them and will do anything to help their children.

Virgo isn’t a dramatic love sign, usually tends towards the devotional side and can be afraid of overt romantic overtures, or overt sexual exploits. They need to be handled with tender loving care, and in return will be devoted, faithful and loyal. But don’t be misled, for if you thwart them they have no problems about moving on. This is the sensible and practical side of their nature. No lingering around in unfulfilling relationships for Virgo!

Virgos use their charm and subtlety to lure a mate or partner and combine duty with this devotion. It may sound calculating, but that’s Virgo. It does however usually work out to be a very good way to approach a long-term partnership. Whether intimate or otherwise!

As workers they are considerate of colleagues and work hard on maintaining a good image in the work place. They accept authority easily and make excellent employees. They find pleasure in working in areas that are of help to others, but Virgos are very often found as writers, copywriters or even journalists. Anywhere where a wordsmith is required will probably find a Virgo at work, for they have quick minds and an excellent lexicon. They healing arts, especially alternative ones, attract Virgos, as well as nutrition, for they like to perfect the body too! Many Virgos will have tried everything from being a vegan to the latest macrobiotic diet in their pursuit of the perfect diet.

Virgo is usually an even-tempered and reasonable person whose major issues seem to lie with their nervous tensions, prudish behaviour, criticism and perfectionism.

Their scathing criticism and need for perfection can drive other people totally crazy and they need to learn to be a little more relaxed.