Gender Female
Sign Type Earth
Number of the Zodiac 2
Ruler Ruled by Venus
Day of the Week Friday
Colours Pastels and blues
Gemstones Emeralds, alabaster, topaz, coral
Metal Bronze
Flowers and plants Lilies, daisies, myrtle & spinach Those flowers from which perfumes are made
Tarot Cards High Priest
Cities and Countries Russia, Ireland, Leipsig, Dublin, lucerne
Animals Bull or cow
Negatives Have been known to pout a bit and become a bit self-indulgent when they don’t get their own way. Known to vacillate at length, indecision can be rife. Stubborn or overly emotional without due cause, may be slow to anger but can erupt violently. Lack of imagination and may get stuck in living in the past rather than living in the present. Overly attached to material possessions. Can sometimes be cold and detached wwhen not getting what they want. Can be lazy and hates to be disturbed.
Positives Taureans can be absolutely generous of their time, love and are normally incredibly patient in whatever they undertake, Normally they will complete their tasks jobs or projects, no matter how long it will take. Affectionate, sensual and attentive they can be very sensitive to the feelings of others. Usually you will find that they are also great cooks and enjoy entertaining! Have artistic leanings and can be depended upon throughout the years either in friendship or love. They are highly tactile lovers who love to be touched. Can work for long hours to achieve their goals.

Symbolism, mythology and influence

In Astrology Venus rules both Taurus (female) and Libra (male), however all life emanates from Mother Nature which is seen as Venus in Taurus. Its principle energy is concerned with emotions, values, exchanging of energy with one another, and love and pleasures. It is desirous of closeness and intimacy, not necessarily of a sexual nature, more of a harmony of Souls. Venus is the personification of beauty and as such inspires women and men to seek growth on the material and spiritual planes of existence. Where she is placed in a chart highly exhibits her tendencies, which of course are not always altruistic and can sometimes impel to envy or jealousies towards those who we believe are better or have more than us. Of course there are always two sides to all planetary influences and in no way is Venus excluded from this. Although most people see Venus as only the giver of beauty and love, sometimes she can bring soulful torment and instinctual indulgences of those things physical or instinctual.

She is however a rather social planet and loves to bring people together, in one to one situations, or gatherings and social events. Parties and entertaining under her influence always seem to be fun. Venus can, depending upon placement in the natal chart, tend to laziness and slothful behaviour though. Always waiting for things to come to her, as she tends to believe that it is her right for wonderful things to happen to her without effort on her part.

Above all, her feminine Yin energy draws upon creativity, creates a magnetic affect pulling circumstances, events and situations to her rather than actively seeking them. More often than not the outcome of her affect is to turn the original circumstance etc., into a spiritually higher vibration without force or coercion.

There seem to be very few difficult aspects to Venus, with the exception of Saturn or Neptune, which can sometimes change the effects slightly. The classic outcome of Venus intervention in life is love, love affairs and all matters pertaining to the emotive side of life.

Keywords that can relate to the influence of Venus:-

Benevolent, voluptuous, idealistic, feminine, affectionate, artistic, lazy, careless, weak, patronizing, religious, impartial, content, harmonious, likes beauty, pleasure seeker, sensualist, indifferent, impressionable, vain, vulgar, jealous, romantic, a flatterer, pacifist, co-operative, smooth talker, sentimental, irrational, creative and works towards unity.


The second sign of the zodiac Taurus is the one who ploughs the fields and fertilizes and grows that which Aries has discovered. In the cycle of the zodiac she is the one who represents the spring of life, flowers in bloom and creative outpouring of life force. Traditionally Taurus is a determined and strong individual. A fertile sign that is often driven to produce whatever is needed. Be it money, lifestyle for themselves and/or family, creature comforts or generally amassing possessions.

Taureans can fall into two categories in a physical sense. There are those who are totally ruled by Venus, and those who have their connection more to Earth Mother vibrations. Both are valid expressions of Taurus on Earth. Venusians Taureans tend to be tall and attractive, and incredibly sensual. The Earth Mother types may tend to roundness and may be a little heavier in appearance. However, do not be fooled by appearances, both expressions of Taurus can mutate into each other. For with Taurean tenacity anything is achievable. However, most will fall somewhere in between, or fluctuate dependent upon the placement of Venus in the natal chart.

Taurus is a double feminine sign, as not only is she ruled by Venus but the Moon has is exaltation in her sign, thus connecting the passive, patient element to strong magnetic qualities.

Taurus usually likes to go slow and steady and isn’t usually found to go rushing in where angels fear to tread. This can work well provided that they don’t wait so long that their opportunities pass them by. Their friends need to learn not to push them into making any quick decisions or hurry them into getting ready either. Gentle persuasion works best with Taurus. Taureans can seem aloof however most are emotionally open and can be devastated if hurt in love. Venus and Taurus take love and all of its ramifications most seriously and may well wait a long time for true love or the right person to come along. But when they believe they have found THE one, their loyalty and unswerving fidelity is strong. However, all Taureans need day-to-day proof that love is still felt by the partner, for they can have deep feelings of insecurity if this isn’t provided.

Taurean women do not usually like to be dominated and usually thrive on being able to tell their mate what to do, whereas a Taurean male can be very outwardly ambitious and take every opportunity offered to climb the corporate ladder. Both male and female Taureans work steadily however to achieve whatever it is they have set their hearts on and tend towards doing things that earn them respect and a place in the community at large, such as architecture, professions relating to medicine, real estate or investments (to name a few). Not usually a risk taker, Taurus will however grab opportunities that amass money, security or even a better future for their families, sometimes at the expense of their own feelings.

Very often Taureans are born wealthy yet remain rooted in the normal down-to-earth attitudes that befit a Taurus. However, Taurus loves beauty in all its many form and tends to be desirous of things that bring her feelings of sensuality and culture. Silk, soft cushions, beautiful antiques or find craftsmanship are some of thee things usually held in high esteem by Taurus. They can have a tendency to love quality, and that extends from material possessions to fine dining, they may well have the best wine cellar you have ever seen!