Gender Male
Grace Fire
Sign Type Mutable
Number of the Zodiac 9
Ruler ruled by Jupiter
Day of the Week Thursday
Colours Royal blue, blues of all kinds, white, Purple and yellow
Gemstones Lapis lazuli, turquoise, sapphire And diamonds
Metal Tin
Flowers and plants Fig, oak, hyssop, Mallow and agrimony
Tarot Cards Temperance
Cities and Countries Spain, Madagascar, crete York, Nottingham, Toledo, Stuttgart
Animals The centaur (Half man – half horse) or The archer
Negatives Impatience, cannot relax, fails to plan, indulgent, fanatical, extremist, forceful, unrealistic, tends to preach, denies sadness or hurt, can misrepresent the truth, over zealous, impulsive, too talkative, over-indulgent, unreliable, arrogant, argumentative, sarcastic, tactless, not diplomatic, reckless, undomesticated, fiery temper, hates to be tied down or do boring routine work, loud-mouthed, crude sense of humour, gluttonous, avoids personal responsibilities.
Positives Generous, straightforward, honest, optimistic, fair-minded, happy-go-lucky, stimulating, spiritual, does not hold grudges, loves freedom and travel, has wonderful flashes of inspiration or intuition, loves pleasure and romance, sensual, enthusiastic, inspirational to others, sees the big picture of life, intelligent, adaptable, athletic, high vitality, friendly, funny, vital, gracious and an ability to spread contagious enthusiasm.

Symbolism, mythology and influence

Jupiter is the largest planet in the known Universe. Its distance from Earth varies enormously yet it is so large and luminous that it is easily seen with the naked eye at night. Its influence is also clearly visible in the life of a Sagittarian, and anyone else who has a strongly placed Jupiter in her or his natal chart.

The glyph of Jupiter consists of the semicircle of the Moon rising out of the cross of matter. This symbol shows how mankind triumphs over earthly lessons, freeing the soul forever from the concept of illusion that holds humans to the earthly plane.

Jupiter represents that part of the consciousness that can act as an impartial judge in life, and is connected with spirituality, religious teaching and compassion that can only come through the gaining of true wisdom. In other words Jupiter is a guide to the psyche and is connected to wisdom.

Jupiter is a male planet and represents certain aspects of the solar force and, if only because of its size, does it reside over many daily activities of our daily life. The Sun certainly activates life, but Jupiter has great authority and is second in command to the Sun! Jupiter was and is known by many names in mythology. Jove was one name, and that’s where we get the old adage or surprised exclamation of “by Jove”.

To the Hindus Jupiter was known as Vishnu and was the second aspect of their trinity. The Egyptians called him Ammon. But by far the best-known mythological name is Zeus. This name is probably the most familiar to people nowadays. This name is derived from the Sanskrit word, Dyas, and it is from this that the Latin word Deus (or God) comes from.

Zeus was the god who sat on top of Mount Olympus with great power in his hands, a thunderbolt in one hand and the staff of life in the other. But he wasn’t one for sitting around and often came down to earth to seek earthly pleasures that saw many of his offspring, such as Hercules, born to human women. Hercules’ teacher was Chiron the Centaur, half man – half horse, whom roamed the woods and was free. Sagittarians rarely likes to be fenced in or restrained. The myth of Chiron who was an immortal Centaur begins when Hercules was chasing centaurs who were evil and by mistake shot Chiron with his venomous arrow. Chiron was in such pain that he fled the upper world and went below to try to heal himself. He could not, so he renounced his immortality and as a reward for his faithful service Zeus placed him in the heavens as the eternal constellation of Sagittarius.

Certainly reading the myths about Zeus, Olympus and the teachings therein can help any Sagittarian or those born with Jupiter in the 9th house to more fully comprehend the influence Jupiter has over the Sagittarian archetype.

The glyph for Sagittarius is the arrow. In fact the word Sagittarius is derived from the Latin word sagitta (arrow). A straight and true arrow held in the hand of the Centaur. A small line dividing the lower portion of the shaft divides the glyph-arrow. This denotes the duality of this sign and depicts the confusion that can often be felt by Sagittarians when they do not know how to best use their energy, power and insight.

Sagittarius is the sign that completes the end of a (calendar) year. It is time usually of long nights and little light that occurs in the northern hemisphere, however here in the southern hemisphere this is reversed of course. But for mythological and symbolic explanations of the influences one must use archaic understandings and metaphors.

The 9th house of the zodiac that is ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius deals with philosophical education, religion, the law, things of foreign origin and long journeys or travel, both externally and internally within ones own psyche.


From the word go you can usually tell a true Sagittarian by their presence. If they are not tall or above average of girth, then their aura is large and very well defined. Because they are ruled by Jupiter, which is the largest planet, of course they are going to be expansive and certainly can lean towards excessive eating and drinking. Their physical and mental appetites are by nature large and that can lead to excess in many areas of their lives.

They usually look strong, handsome and attractive. They can be very athletic and have a way of walking that is quick, but sometimes not all that graceful! Very often the Sagittarian can hold onto their youthful looks long after the other signs have gone grey. Unless of course one was born with Mercury in the first house, in which case Peter Pan will almost certainly exist within. But certainly most Sagittarians retain their youthful physical attributes to an old age. Join this with a wonderful self-confidence and they can be striking to say the least.

Sagittarius strikes a light-hearted chord between the signs of Scorpio and Capricorn, two signs that can sometimes be dour and serious. When the Sun moves into Sagittarius, life once mores basks in solar light. After all if Jupiter is surpassed only by the Sun himself, how could it not be so?

Think Sagittarius, think expansion, big, opportunity, good luck and good fortune. All the planets put together do not equal the size of this huge planetary influence of Jupiter. No wonder then that Sagittarians see life in a big picture way. Not for them the smallness of life.

Even when sitting still, their feet are dancing, and their minds are racing ahead. Sagittarians are by nature extroverts, and as the last of the fire signs in the zodiac they can apply their mutable (flexible) attitudes, energy and enthusiasm to many and varied things. They look forward with expansive eyes and never want to have limitations put on them, or fences put around them.

This is the sign of the philosopher, the traveller and sits on an axis with Gemini (its opposite sign), and also co-rules communication and education. This is the eternal student who never wants to stop learning new things or going to new places, or travelling or even stop talking. It’s useful that they usually have something very interesting to talk about!

Sagittarians have a deep love of knowledge, and usually have a library that reflects this quest for information and knowing. These days they are probably the ones whose Internet account without doubt reflects the travelling down the optic fibres they have been doing! They are usually the ones too who have been on countless self-discovery journeys, delved into meditation, yoga, or even gone to India and prayed with the guru! Spiritual enlightenment attracts them.

Traditionally Sagittarians may not only be inspirational, but irresponsible too. The grass always seems greener to them, especially if it’s on the other side of a fence someone has tried to erect around them. This attitude causes them many upheavals in their life, creates conflicts and chaos, but somehow they always manage to land on their feet! They love to go to extremes, stretch boundaries, and are the ones who more often than not go where angels fear to tread. Just to see if they can!

They may take a long time to find what they love in life, because there seems to be so many things ‘out there’ that they want to experience first. But once they have made a choice of career or life path, then they can shine like no other in that field. They are not usually patient people; but as they grow older, hopefully age makes them much wiser. They need to practise concentration and focussing their intentions. They are impatient and have trouble with postponing instant gratification, which can get them in all kinds of strife!

Sagittarians have high expectations that life should be served up to them on a silver platter, or that life should just happen for them, rather than them put any work into achieving or accomplishing their own goals. In fact there are many Sagittarians, men and women alike, who are born rich or have partnerships that have made them richer.

Their word is their bond. The true archetype is honest, straightforward, often blunt, and probably not very diplomatic. But you will always know where you stand with a Sagittarian. Their truth, honesty and integrity are the keywords that denote the purity of their sign.

They keep their own doubts and fears inside and rarely show them to the outside world. They have a ready smile that hides personal issues or a dry wit or sarcasm that stops others seeing that anything is wrong at all. But as all people do, Sagittarians too have a point of no return. When things get just way too much to cope with, they are often the ones who pack up and just leave without warning. There is a side to this character that very few ever see. They take people by surprise when they show how deep their true feelings really are. They will not share secrets with anyone but the most trusted of friends either, so don’t expect to be taken into their confidence easily.

They have great dreams, lofty ideals and big plans, but they lack follow through and commitment to see things through to the end. So much so that often it is hard for them to begin anything, or even explain what it is they have inside their heads, their explanations often come out in Geminian babble that means nothing. Patience is another quality they need to practise.

A lot of Sagittarians see themselves as a catalyst for others. Abstract justice is part of Sagittarians quest for right and truth. However this very often means that the partner or family comes second to the long view they hold about the world. It isn’t that they do this on purpose. Only that they see their true earthly purpose is to right social wrongs. Sometimes leaving the partner and family at home while they wander or go off on business trips is attributed to the inner restlessness they can have and a need to travel and experience as much of life as possible. Many Sagittarians defer marriage and commitment either forever or at least until they have got their ‘wanderlust’ out of their system. Well, they think they have. Or they can become like Indiana Jones, a teacher of ancient history whose alter ego travels the world, fighting to steal back relics and treasures. Very typical Sagittarian behaviour!

They need challenge in their work, freedom and stimulation. Any career, profession or job that allows a Sagittarian to ‘perform’, involves learning or is intellectual suits them. The types of job that seems most suitable for Sagittarians are teaching, writing, the law, or work that involves animals. For Sagittarians normally feel great affinity with animals. They rarely stay in a life long job, and try their hand at many jobs or careers changing as they see fit. Being a free agent is important to Sagittarians, they are best in their own business, or working on a consultation basis. The freelance journalist is one such option. They are the sign of the zodiac that can be an excellent entrepreneur too, instinctively recognising an opportunity, more often than not before anyone else.

They can inspire, motivate and make others laugh with their often ribald and extroverted sense of the ridiculous, think Billy Connolly or even Harpo Marx and you’ve got the picture.

Sagittarians rarely like to be tied down, though when they are in love they are generous, good humoured and honest. They like someone who is their intellectual equal and can be warm, loving and a wonderful companion. They like partners who enjoy their outspoken character and love of spontaneity but give them a lot of space to be individuals within the relationship. If they do not get that then there is no basis for a relationship. Even love must be an adventure! This sign is often called the sign of the ‘bachelor’ or eternal loner.

Sagittarians can be a little eccentric and can sometimes find it difficult to keep a confidence or secret. They rebel against authority, enjoy sporting activities and usually enjoy friendships with an incredibly varied stratum of life, all of whom Sagittarius will treat as equals.

The following signs can be sometimes difficult for Sagittarians to be in relationship with, Gemini, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer and Virgo. But Sagittarians are versatile, so anything is possible!