Gender Female
Grace Mutable
Sign Type Water
Number of the Zodiac 12
Ruler Ruled by Neptune
Day of the Week (not applicable)
Colours All shades of blue, light greens, violet, lavender, smoky sea colours
Gemstones Aquamarine, pearl, amethyst, platinum, coral, topaz
Metal Tin or Aluminium
Flowers and plants Those plants and flowers that can be used as intoxicants, drugs etc., such as the opium poppy, cannabis sativa, peyote, “magic” mushrooms all water born flowers, orchids, seaweed
Tarot Cards The moon
Cities and Countries Egypt, some parts of Spain and Portugal, Alexandria, Lancaster
Animals Fish or the dolphin
Negatives Melodramatic, seeks to control others through being of service, paranoiac, absent-minded, not practical, temperamental, highly strung, depressed, easily disillusioned, gives up too easily, resigned, poor sense of self, or of individualism, blames the self for everything, too emotionally involved with other people’s problems, impressionable, escapism, drug user, loses touch with reality, self-pitying, leads people on, locks talents within, lets others take advantage through fear of loss, vague, confused.
Positives Understands others, creative, mystical, trusting, sometimes shy, romantic, adaptable, compassionate, lovable, talented, helpful, shows genuine concern for others, has warm and deeply loving relationships, has a keen perception, intuitive, artistic, wise, versatile, psychic, incredible imagination, very spiritual, new age believer, gentle, understanding, loving and caring.

Symbolism, mythology and influence

Neptune is a well-known name to those people who have read any Greek or Roman mythological literature. In astrology Neptune rules the sign of the fishes, Pisces and the deep waters of the emotional ocean.

The glyph for Neptune is the trident. But this glyph is also the result of the connection between two symbols, one that depicts the semicircle of the soul sitting on the other symbol of the cross of matter, so that the top of the cross becomes the middle and third prong on the trident. This symbolism suggests that there are aspects of the human nature that needs purification through water, and that is linked into the baptism of Christ in the river. However, that is but one picture of both the symbolism of Neptune and that of Pisces itself. The glyph represents the need for the human form to work through the trinity of body, mind and spirit in order to achieve enlightenment or nirvana.

As a planet Neptune is mysterious and totally invisible to the naked eye. Discovered only in 1846 (Gregorian calendar) and yet its name resonates down through our culture and literary mythology from thousands of years ago!

It should be remembered here that until the actual discovery of Neptune that Jupiter was the astrological ruler of Pisces. So Jupiter still exerts a share of influence over Pisces, though not quite as much as Neptune.

Down through history the god of the oceans has had many names; to the Greeks he was known as Poseidon. Zeus gave him his realm and an island to live on. Upon this island were three women, with whom he had many sons, one of which was Atlas. This is thought to be where the name of the Atlantic Ocean derived and where the myth of Atlantis originated. Of course the Romans named him Neptune!

The Hindus called him the Master of the Waters, Idapati, and was also thought to be an aspect of the god Vishnu.

Although the glyph for Pisces is two fishes swimming away from each other, Pisces has also been shown as a dolphin throughout history. In King Minos’ palace in ancient Crete, dolphins swimming in opposite directions are found carved into the walls. These dolphin engravings have also been found in Palestine. The dolphin hasn’t only just become fashionable. They have been revered throughout our cultural history as being sacred and linked to healing.

The myth is that Dionysius a young Roman God was captured by pirates who did not know his true identity. He turned their masts into grape vines and threw the sailors into the sea and they became dolphins, forever connected to the ocean and the men who sail upon the water, forever to bring unconscious images to the human mind of its need for eternal empathy to the Source of all things. Dionysius was a god who was half mortal and half immortal, borne of Zeus and Semele, the connection between humankind and the Gods.

There are confusions about the actual gender of Neptune in astrological terms, mostly Neptune is thought of as a male entity, sometimes as female. Nowadays Neptune is usually regarded as a male entity that operates through a high degree of feminine elements.

Neptune’s oceans are the feelings and emotions. A celestial musician who plays his music and lulls sailors into false passage, the myth of the Sirens grows from his tunes. He is a master of disguise and loves giving in a most humanitarian way. So often we see selfless Pisces doing all the work behind the scenes!

Neptune is the higher vibration of the planet Venus who exalts in love, but she usually attaches strings to the giving, whereas Neptune believes only in the joy of giving. Learning the wisdom of this is one of the lessons he brings.

Neptune also rules the dreams, the unconscious, and the world of unreality or fantasy. If the individual does not respond to the higher vibration of Neptune they can find themselves drawn into a vicarious world of negativity, deception and self-destructiveness. He also presides over the spiritual aspects of life, the ethereal side of human nature that is felt, but not seen, such as intuition, dreams, inspiration, mystical experiences but on the other hand he can also bring about chronic illusions, mental instability and a desire for escapism from reality. There are always thorns amongst the roses!

Neptune and Pisces rule the final house of the zodiac, the 12th house. This house rules seclusion, either forced or voluntary, such as imprisonment. It represents institutions, such as prisons, but also places like retreats, meditation camps etc., things that relate to social welfare as a whole; hidden strengths, weaknesses, fears and wishes. Though the latter are very often hidden from the individual unless self-development work exposes them so that they can be worked through in external reality. Through Neptune the individual seeks to experience reconnection to the Source without losing ones primary identity in the process.


The Pisces glyph of two fishes swimming away from each other shows just how difficult it can be to pick a Pisces. First they look like this, and then they look like that!

As the last sign of the zodiac and the house into which the whole of the waters of the zodiac pour, Pisceans can seem like chameleons, shifting faces and attitudes to fit into whatever circumstance or situation they find themselves in.

This is the sign that glorifies humankind’s need to reconnect to the Source, to All-That-Is, to the greater consciousness, to God, whatever you wish to call it. It is through this sign that the whole gamut of human experience filters, in astrological terms.

To understand Pisces, one must try to get an understanding of the need to make this connection and get to the underlying reasons why Pisces can seem so changeable and why they often can feel so very different and removed from other people. In very simplistic terms one fish swims in the outer world and one swims in the inner world, Pisces need to balance the two and learn that they must coexist rather than vacillate between one and the other.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. This means they are highly susceptible to external influences, and will tend to flow with whatever is going on rather than thinking things through and then making conscious choices. Water take many forms, lakes, rain, snow, sleet, mist, warm lagoons, tropical rainstorms, tsunami, clouds and many more; all of which, like Pisces can change at a moments’ notice!

Pisceans usually seem otherworldly in the way they look; they can have a dreamy kind of vague look around them. They can have sleepy looking eyes, but these are usually full of compassion, empathy and care.

But there is so much more beneath the surface of a Pisces, just like the deepest oceans. Pisces live in a world they construct in their mind more often than not. But very few are invited into the Piscean inner sanctum. Usually the only glimpse others get is when the volatility of emotions erupts out of nowhere and the warm lagoon becomes a raging torrent!

Pisces is, like Gemini and Sagittarius, a dual sign. They can be multi-dimensional, not only in character but also multiskilled. They can be marvellous actors because Pisces can be whatever character is required. They have them all within just waiting in line to come out!

All kinds of jobs that relate to film, theatre, radio, ballet, music or art will probably attract Pisces. They usually like to travel, so public relations positions or positions where they are in the service industry often appeal. Many Pisceans will even make it an obsession to travel to spiritual places in the world – to find themselves! They seem to enjoy being counsellors too, as they can use their intuitive resources as they choose!

Pisces are usually good judges of character, but can often be swayed by other people’s opinions unless they tune into their own intuition. They can be highly unconventional and like to be in a position that offers them freedom of expression, changing challenges and space to be creative. If these needs are left unsatisfied they can become lazy and inert, perhaps even depressed. A happy, brightly coloured place of work seems to be a must for most Pisces.

But home is where Pisces will no doubt draw the emotional support needed. It is where they feel safest and where they are able to withdraw into their own world, breaking away from routine, sometimes even personal rituals get pushed to one side also. Even though they may even have a tendency to be somewhat untidy, their home is usually a highly personal space; so they tend to make it work for them. Many Pisces work creatively at home, ceramics, painting, music and yes – even indulging in make-believe. This retreat from the external world is pivotal for a Piscean as it is a time for them to emotional cleanse their souls and recharge their spiritual batteries, so to speak, once more, in order to go back into the outside world. This is an important aspect that all Pisceans should attend to regularly. Solitude and rest are important for their souls!

They are pretty good as parents too for they can accommodate fantasy so well, sometimes it’s hard to see where the child ends and the parent begins! Though they can lack discipline and are inclined to spoil their kids. Nevertheless, a Piscean home is usually one that is warm, loving and safe for the children. Piscean homes can sometimes be very unusual too, for an unusual home helps them spin the web of fantasy and connects Pisces to the creative side of their nature.

Love makes Pisces come alive. There is no clear delineation between love, romance or affection with Pisces. It’s a kind of all or nothing scenario for them. This can cause many to become disillusioned with relationships; even casual acquaintances or friendships are often left behind when others do not appear to live up to the view of how the friendship or relationship should run. They can and very often do wear rose-tinted glasses in this area of their lives. Pisceans have a tendency to see relationships through their own mindset and often get their hopes and fantasies torn apart when the reality does not live up to what they believe is real. Pisceans very often trip and fall from one relationship to the next, only to have their hearts broken when the reality does not measure up to their fantasy!

They expect their own expectations to be lived up to, to have the partner value the same ideas and dreams, to be cared for and for their partner to remember birthdays, anniversaries. They have a tall order that isn’t always fulfilled and this may be devastating for a gentle type of Pisces. It brings up the self-doubt and stirs up those oceans of unrealised fears and weaknesses that lie within. Being rejected is the worst possible scenario a Pisces can have; those in relationship with a Pisces can probably see how they cling to their dream or fantasy even in the throes of the death of a relationship. They have a hard time coming to terms with the reality!

Sex isn’t usually an act of sex – it is usually an act of romance, an expression of the deep love they feel. This is not to say they are not interested, it is just that for the most part, the expression, emotion and love are what underscore a relationship not the act itself. A Piscean love runs very deep and this in turn can often make them co-dependent or incredibly dependent on others to support and look after them. But as a Piscean ages, this need lessens as the lessons of life unfold the deeper levels of the Piscean make up.

As a Pisces goes through their lives from one progression to the next their inner strengths are revealed and often this makes them realise that they need to focus more on themselves. They have had the marriage, the career, the children and they are empty nesting (so to speak) and it is time to do whatever it is that brings them great joy on a personal level. Of course there may be one or two Pisceans who this does not resonate with, but there probably won’t be many!

Pisces needs to find ways to turn their mystical dreams and fantasies into reality in some way, or they can live a life full of illusion and disappointments and ultimately will feel like failures. Even when in reality they are not.

They need and want so much to find the one person who will complete them that they often devote their lives to this and forget that they have ordinary lives to lead. This is one part of their soul journey. They must work on creating faith in themselves, their abilities and believing that the future is full of promise and opportunities.

By allowing themselves to be flexible with their attitudes, allowing the mutable side of their natural intuition and understanding come to the fore they can progress through their lives more easily and with less failures and disappointments. They need to learn how to transmute their own sensitivity and intuition and understanding and put it into practical action.