Gender Male
Grace Cardinal
Sign Type Air
Number of the Zodiac 7
Ruler ruled by venus
Day of the Week Friday
Colours Purple, pink, green, Turquoise and blue
Gemstones Emerald, jade Opals, diamonds
Metal Copper
Flowers and plants Violets, vines, rose, myrtle, Pansy, primrose, peppermint
Tarot Cards Those relating to justice
Cities and Countries Associated with elephants
Animals Japan, china, Austria, argentina, Nottingham, leeds, Antwerp
Negatives Can be superficial and deceitful in order to get their way. Can easily lead people up the garden path, so to speak, if only because they talk about what they are going to do more than actually doing it. Seek partnerships that bring personal financial gain. Can be an overt hedonist and seek pleasures that can lead to over abuse of psychotic substances and/or alcohol. Can frustrate others through their indecision. Can be so afraid of change they get frozen into routines or decisions made in error. Can be flirtatious, manipulative and narcissistic.
Positives Usually have a lot of friends who enjoy their company. Is a relaxed host/ess who uses diplomacy and tact to put people at ease. Can be inspirational to others on the way to the top. Has an impartial attitude that helps bring factions together. Has a sincere heart and is able to work on behalf of good causes. Unites people under the umbrella of love. Can be most refined, graceful and charming, and can be an excellent mediator. Is usually good looking, or stylishly outfitted. Is loving, romantic and makes a wonderful life partner.

Symbolism, mythology and influence

The glyph that demonstrates the 7th sign of the zodiac is the sign that mathematicians use for approximately equal. It’s the glyph that points to finding the approximate ways and means to equalise and/or balance out opposing forces, or work out complex issues for the best for all concerned.

In spiritual astrology the glyph sometimes represents a bird with out-stretched wings that never touches the earth or the upper atmosphere but is always horizontal to the plane of earth. While the upper part of the glyph usually stand for ‘matter’, the lower part of the glyph symbolises a fall from grace from high ideals into the realm of subjective emotions.

Often, and most well known however, is the symbol of the scales (of justice), clearly defining Libra within the zodiac as the one who seeks to balance and gain consistency in all things. This symbol equates also to the weights, measures and balancing systems we use, for Libra is also the Latin term for weight or measure.

Venus co-rules both Libra and Taurus. But the way in which Aphrodite (Venus) uses her vibrations is different in each sign. Though as one would imagine, there are many similarities also. Venus shows her different faces or aspects of her magnificence through Libra as the male outward-going energy. The urge to marry, procreate, or have a romantic social life comes under the gaze of Venus too. It is not for nothing that the word venereal comes from the socialising Venus at play!

As a social planet Venus loves to bring people together. Venus in Libra is not as concerned with the practicalities of life or amassing beautiful possessions, as is Venus in Taurus. Here Venus manifests herself as the desire to inspire, attract and interact with others. Although Venus is seen as only a giver of beauty, indulging in that which is bounteous, she can also bring torment when Libra overindulges their instincts, desires or physical expressions.

Venus does not seem to have too many ‘negative’ aspects to her as she moves throughout the zodiac except when she aspects or transits Saturn, when certain difficulties on the romance front can occur.

When aspected to Neptune (which is often connected with the ‘arts’) brings an inspirational energy that Libra (and Taurus) can use to create music, art, film production, sculpting etc., through mixing creative imagination with the practical application of a talent.


Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac, a cardinal modality and an air element. These combine to show that Libra is the first sign of our zodiac that begins to look outwards from the ‘self ‘ in order to bring structures and peoples together in order to start the foundations of society as we know it. The cardinal aspect is indicative of activity in the outward sense, for no longer are the signs devoted to self, but now begin to be concerned with social welfare or wellbeing of society in general.

Under a strong Libran influence you become a peacemaker, show much gentleness and loving, but even in this can go too far and tip the proverbial scales so far over in the other direction, that the necessity to seek balance begins once more. Forever tipping the scales one way or another, Libra is caught in constant motion or activity in balancing and juggling energy.

This constant choosing or sizing up is an everyday occurrence for Librans and so whether these occur in big or small situations, the vacillating that goes on can be a major part of your life. Your ‘changeability’ is however, usually internal. For more often than not, once you have made a decision you will stick to it – but if you change your mind, so to speak, you will do so on the inside and carry on as if nothing has happened. This can be a negative aspect, as this type of ‘do one thing, think another’ can internalise stress and make you depressed, angry or hurt at perceived injustices, which you were trying to right in the first place!

Simply because Libra is the sign of the 7th house that begins the rise of the zodiac into the social domain, very often Librans can get caught between doing what the group (or society) wants and following their own hearts. Their social orientation sometimes leaves no room for their individual expression and that can be very frustrating for Librans. Once they have mastered this dichotomy however and learn to use their own individual power and energy for the good of their ‘fellow’ humans, then their inner harmony will be restored.

There is no sign more ready to compromise, co-operate and try to understand everyone else’s point of view than Libra. It is after all, the sign of the peacemaker, and so it’s no wonder Libra rules ‘relating and relationships’. Marriage and partnership are what most Librans search for, sometimes making this quest a true one in every sense of that word. Being alone isn’t something a Libran usually aspires too! The sphere of relationships is where Librans usually get their best lessons in life and are of great significance. The desire for a long-lasting marriage is normally a top priority for Libra.

Popular on the social wheel, they are often on the head of everyone’s party invite list, because they socialise so well, and help to thread together people from all backgrounds, because they truly want to make a good impression on everyone they meet. They can have a real way with words, a trait they share with Gemini (another male air sign), but Librans express themselves in metaphors and expressions that make people smile and they can be very witty in their efforts to put others at ease. However Libra can also suffer from exhaustion, whether physical or mental in their all-out efforts to harmonise, put people at ease and/or keep balance.

Libra can be maligned too, for others feel that they change their opinion each time they speak to someone, and can, very often misguidedly, be called a liar, simply because they see each persons viewpoint in that moment, then move on. Being a social butterfly of changing opinions cause others to misunderstand their motivations. Which essentially is to put each and every person they meet at ease.

Librans are also very aware of how they look and desire to be seen as beautiful, stylish and perhaps even artistic. Many interior designers, set makers, even actors are found under this sign.

Librans tend to fall in love with love. This is not the sign that encapsulates love, sex and desire. There are more sexual signs in our zodiac. Librans tend to be in love and express love through their emotional dependence. Sometimes they can be confused about their own sexuality and are very often insecure in this regard. However, will do anything for their partner and would be devastated if they hurt them even inadvertently, for their significant relationship will be a life long love. Librans however, need to find balance here too, in as much as they should try to find individual expression within the partnership rather than subjugate themselves. A lesson learned by taking on some the traits of the opposite sign of Aries, to gain a greater sense of personal identity within the union.

If Libra can get in touch with the way in which they make ideas reality then they will be able to go a long way within relationships and partnerships. They will also be more able to take action and spend less time thinking things through!

Libran parents are usually quite lenient and permissive with their offspring, and may tend to spoil them. They usually want their children to be something they can be proud of, and will spend as much as they can on offering them a good life and a wonderful education. They are normally fair and reasonable parental guides.

Typical Libran occupations involve things that have to do with ‘having an eye’ for something. Decoration, interior designing, graphic designers, music, acting, beauty salons, and certainly the law, politics or public relations could draw out Libras better traits and qualities to the fore. They are normally very good at networking and are honest and fair. They can be great at promotions or planning promotional presentations.

As employees they rarely gossip, even though they love a chat, but can get moody if they are forced to work alone for long periods or if the environment is loud, noisy or brassy. They usually take time to do a good job and are extremely diligent.

Typical Libran leisure pursuits can include seeking gastronomic delights in romantic settings, dancing, music, whether listening to it or playing it, cooking, literary discussion groups, computers (but probably only because of the chat rooms)!

Libra is also said to rule the external reproductive organs, liver, kidneys and adrenals. This may be why over-indulgence of food and alcohol can lead to certain physical ailments for Libra. Moderation could be a key element for any in Libra search of balance.