Gender Male
Grace Fire
Sign Type Fixed
Number of the Zodiac 5
Ruler ruled by the sun
Day of the Week Sunday
Colours Yellow, orange, gold
Gemstones Cat’s eye, crystal or diamonds, Yellow minerals or ores
Metal Gold
Flowers and plants Sunflowers, daffodil, yellow lily, Marigold, yellow lily, juniper, Citrus fruits and palm trees
Tarot Cards Those that relate to Strength and courage
Cities and Countries Italy, south Africa, france Philadelphia, Bombay, rome, los angeles
Animals Lion
Negatives Vain, hedonistic, a tendency to be egotistical, boastful, a show off, conceited, high expectations of others, selfish, temperamental, self-seeking, can lie to further a career, can be deceitful, stubborn, cold hearted when emotionally hurt, over-indulgent, overspends, smug, wants to keep up appearances, can bully, is over possessive and smothering.
Positives Independent, honest, loyal, friendly, generous, courageous, warm, affectionate, artistic, inspirational, motivationally inclined, see the lighter side of life, brave, willing to face adversity, can work very hard, takes pride in themselves and family, focused, protective, expressive, dynamic, great organizational skills, stable, sincere and has a sparkling personality.

Symbolism, mythology and influence

The great circle of light and life rules Leo. The Sun is the largest star (though in astrology it is usually referred to as a planet), in our known Universe and is given a rather large place in the astrological mapping of a chart. It delineates the sign under which one is born and most astrologers look to the Sun’s placement first to ascertain the archetype of the person. The Sun has, since known time began, been worshipped and revered as the giver of life, the bringer of food and a source of divinity. Its glyph is a circle with a dot in the middle of it; the circle represents the totality of all matter in history and the dot represents the light that is sent to us to allow us to see our divine origin, back through which we must journey to find the Source, the Divinity, the Nirvana.

The Sun has been worshipped down through time by the Hindus as Brahma, by the Persians as Mithra, Sol to the Latins, Helios to the Greeks and what is probably most well known, as Ra to the Egyptians. It was the most dependable of all “gods”, everyone knew that their Sun would never fail them and always rise in the morning to greet them. They realized through the ages of ritualistic worship that the Sun has three distinct and influential phases. Sunrise, zenith and sunset. The rising Sun is the creation (of a new day), the zenith is when the Sun reaches its fullest or greatest potential, shines down on everyone and causes activity and growth. The sunset is the time to bring work to a close and rest. It is the major cycle of all our lives.

The Sun is astrologically deemed to signify male influences or father influences within ones life. It is also attributed as having a ruling influence over the psyche or the libido in general. It is also shown to express one’s individuality, that which sets a person apart from the rest. It is the essence of the individual that lies within and what initially creates the context of a life first born into this world.


The glyph for Leo symbolizes the lion’s mane. Though some also say it represents the tail. However, it is mostly and traditionally seen as the mane of the lion.

Leo is a fixed sign that when combined with its element of fire creates an eternal flame, a constant light or a fire that may dim from time to time, but never goes out.

Leo rules the heart and is a male influence, the vortex through which life force flows and a power that evokes an emergence of spirit that brings energy into the world. Leo and the Sun rule the 5th house of the zodiac, which embodies creativity, romance, love (not necessarily marriage), fertility and children. It is the mighty force that sparks the egg to grow into humanness.

For Leos this can mean freedom or pressure. The knowledge that one must constantly shine and be courageous can be off-putting, yet most Leos have unbridled courage and tenacity underneath the gruff exterior they sometimes wear like a mantle around their shoulders.

Leos are usually impossible to ignore! They can either really look the part of a regal king (or queen), or they have that special aura around them that makes others look twice. It is not as if every Leo is a fashion god or goddess, only that they have a certain something that make others aware of their presence. They have a shining inner spirit or force that wants to light the way.

As a rule of thumb a Leo often has a sunny personality and disposition, but no one should be fooled totally by the pleasant outward persona. To get that which they want most in life they can resort to callous indifference to other people’s needs to attain their goals. They can resort to playing the game of pursuit of their glory with what some may see as megalomania. For there is always a dark side, or negative energy for all signs of the zodiac. However, Leos are not known for staying in the dark too long. The Sun always shines somewhere!

Leos seek recognition, appreciation and lots and lots of loving attention. But are willing to give it too. Often happiest when on centre stage, even when inner doubts nag at them, they still seek fame and glory in some way, for personal satisfaction ranks high on the Leo agenda. Leos have the capacity for long periods of hard work in order to achieve their goals. They love to organize everyone and do a great job at it, which is why people tend to gravitate towards them. They can always be seen to be the one who organizes the picnic, the outings or the gatherings. They also know how to have seriously good fun! They go about having fun as earnestly as working, which others may see as a dichotomy, however Leo’s know instinctively when it is time to play and when it is time to work. Hedonism and fun is something that Leo is rather good at. Leos were born to be free and instinctively know that to be in touch with the child within, is to touch that sense of ridiculousness that can drain excess stress away.

Leos like to show off, dress well and exude sex appeal. Although mostly they appear to be in control of themselves, underneath they too have their self-doubts. However, they are usually well hidden. They crave love more than anything else. Both male and female Leos alike can be the Adonis or temptress like no other sign can! They love romantic dinners, surprise gifts and are extravagant when they can afford it, which is usually all the time. But do not expect a Leo person to stick with you through thick and thin for they are well known for having high expectations and when the man or woman of the moment does not live up to them, then Leo will leave as quickly as they arrived.

Bringing a child into the world is probably one of the most wonderful things a Leo can do, for not only are they usually fantastic parents, they find the unconditional love they get from their child the most fulfilling experience as the rapport they have with their children can be marvellously enlightening for them. They are conscientious parents but may put a little too much pressure on their offspring sometimes in their desire to be proud of their child’s success. They are well known for educating their children and make great efforts to see to the welfare of their small charges.

Two Leos can quite happily live together and marry for they reflect their own magnificence in each other’s eyes! So long as they each have their personal domain in which to shine then all will be calm, but should the balance be upset, then the neighbours will hear mighty and powerful roars! Mutual respect and lots of give and take is required within a Leo relationship.

Leos need to learn however that the other people in his or her life also need to shine, and be allowed to express themselves on an equal basis. Possessiveness is one of the downsides of being loved by a Leo. The everlasting flame of Leo’s pathos can consume partners, lovers, spouses or children.

In business Leos normally seek to be the boss, the one in control in whatever work they do. Usually they work best in the hospitality, leisure or sales industries. Other areas that seem to hold great interest for Leo’s are public relations, acting, entertainment, politics and most certainly having their own company, irrespective of the business. They lead by example, aspire to great heights, want vast quantities of money to keep them in the manner in which they wish to become accustomed, and although can be thoughtful of others, will very often take credit for other people’s success if she or he is the boss or manager.

Leos have varied interests outside of the workplace and home, and may be seen at the best restaurants as easily as at the tennis courts, ring side seats of course! They seem to excel at sports where individualism shines through even when in a team – very Leonine!

Leo’s were born with the Sun shining, they lead, they shine and they encourage others to aspire to great things. They inspire and motivate – it is what they are good at. A great leader, lover and a true friend.