Gender Male
Grace Mutable
Sign Type Air
Number of the Zodiac 3
Day of the Week Wednesday
Colours Lemons, orange-yellow hues
Gemstones Marble, topaz, agate, tourmaline
Metal Quicksilver or mercury
Flowers and plants Orchids, tansy, iris, yarrow, lily, Lavender, nut trees
Tarot Cards The lovers
Cities and Countries USA, Wales, Egypt, Melbourne, Cardiff, Versailles, London
Animals Not usually associated with An animal in its mythology, and Is normally interpreted as The Twins
Negatives Geminians can be restless and become infuriatingly irresponsible. They tend to be fickle in the face of boredom and can be non-committal in relationships. They certainly have a dual personality that is difficult to understand and can be quite secretive. They gossip and can be a nasty foe if thwarted in any way. They can be manipulative, cold and unemotional, and are not afraid to embellish or even lie to make themselves look better. Can take refuge in alcohol, cigarettes or drugs under pressure.
Positives Geminians love nothing better than freedom, excitement and differing experiences on a daily, if not hourly basis. They can act quickly on their decisions and love being in company. They adore being the social butterfly and are incredibly social creatures. They can be great friends, albeit, spasmodically and usually bring cheerfulness to any room they enter. They normally have a youthful spirit and can look years younger than their actual age.

Symbolism, mythology and influence

The constellation Gemini consists of Castor and Pollux known as The Twins and is usually depicted by the Roman numeral for two. This glyph describes very well the nature of Gemini and its dualistic nature. The symbolism has many levels of interpretation of course, and much has already been written about the pillars (the Twins) in books of mythology and legends.

The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury, or in mythology is better known as Hermes, the patron of magic, merchants, alchemy and mischief! Although Mercury also rules Virgo, the affect varies slightly over the two signs.  Mercury (Hermes) is the God of two minds, open to change and is fluid or mobile.  He was the messenger of the Gods on Olympus, and had no place of residence in any of the worlds in that particular mythology, but as a perpetual young man was always on the go and in transit, going somewhere, doing something. Much like Gemini. Hermes travels quickly with the wings on his feet and helmet to deliver his messages and information from the Gods to mortals, a perpetual orator.

Mercury is never far away from the Sun and never shows it full face to the Earth. The glyph that represents Mercury is a combination of the semi-circle of the Moon, the cross of matter and the circle of spirit.  It normally stands for intelligence, communications and fact gathering. Part of its function is to bring reason, progress and very often inventiveness to a person’s chart.

Mercury deals with aspects of communications such as writing, education, business or commerce, arbitration and making deals!  Always curious, always restless, always wanting more information or knowledge.

Keywords that can relate to the influence of Mercury

Adaptable, inquisitive, fickle, expressive, eloquent, conversationalist, bold, rash, intelligent, brilliant, conceited, brash, ill-tempered, sarcastic, cunning, duality, impressionable, unemotional, restless, changeable, enjoys playing, witty, inventive, inquisitive, has an analytical mind, can be logical, perceptive, imitator, complaining, passionate, mischievous, ambitious, friendly and talkative.


Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac traditionally believed to be the sign that goes in search of new horizons, places where new information can be found and experiences of life.

In the cycle of the Zodiac it is Gemini who represents the first shoots of new life that is above the ground (or the promise of new life yet to be experienced). As the third stage in the development of mankind (in astrological terms) Gemini is the ever-youthful person who seeks to explore as many new avenues as he or she can without being limited or held down. As a mutable air sign they try to avoid boredom at all costs, usually holding to the belief that variety is truly the spice of the life.

Geminis can have amazing energy that flows brightly from them as they chat and gesticulate wildly with their hands, for they feel they need to emphasis everything they say to you.  But the down side to having so much energy to burn and the constant drive to seek new vistas and experiences can very often bring about burn out or pure exhaustion.  This is something most Geminis must be watchful of.

They are incredibly versatile. Geminis are usually the ones who are seen flitting from scene to scene irrespective of the social bracket. Although more often than not they tend to associate with levels above them so that they get a taste of what they don’t already have. The new experience once again!

Gemini people can be very hard to work out. Many Geminis may not be even to work themselves out as much as they try. They can be all in or totally all out of the life that goes on around them and have the ability to choose quite distinctly where they want to be, whether that is being in company or being alone.

Their mental gymnastics and ability to ‘feel the energy flow’ around whatever is going on is a classic attribute of the sign.  Gemini is a human sign, not an animal one, and as such his or her task, very much like Hermes, is to bring knowledge, information and education to others. Not that Gemini always like to share, for very often they can withdraw from society and hole up quietly in seclusion when they so choose. This usually does not last very long though. However this type of dualism is what makes it hard to pin Gemini down to any one explanation of their character.  It is the most versatile sign in the zodiac and so it is not surprising that you can often find them doing four or five things at any one time, without getting phased.

Those born in Gemini are under the influence of the primary keywords of duality and mutability. They are undoubtedly talented in being at the right place at the right time, being able to go with whatever is happening, and going “with the flow of life”, as it were. The downside with this adaptability however, is that Gemini can adapt themselves out of the running and become downright unreliable, irksome and superficial. Gemini would be wise to learn how to listen as well as wax lyrical about every known subject in the Universe as if they knew everything about them. It is a common trait that Gemini can very often know a little about a lot of things, always the apprentice and never the master. This very versatility can see lots of unfinished business strewn around them.

The Gemini woman very often would rather be in the company of males, who she probably sees as the most likely to be able to satisfy her need for control, she likes wrapping them around her little finger!  It will not be easy, whether she is friend, marriage partner or lover, to discover all the complexities of her being. Like an onion she has many skins and layers.  She can be a gossipmonger and certainly an eternal butterfly.

The Gemini man seeks diversity, even when in a committed relationship, enjoys planning surprises and special dates. (Remember that Hermes is the God of mischief and pranks too!)

Geminians love technology, especially the kind that keeps them in touch with all their ‘friends’ around the world, telephone, email, and of course the Web. They will be no doubt be the ones whose phone rings all the time at the restaurant – most infuriating.

There is a need for Geminis of both sexes to ensure they have freedom within a committed relationship, and that the “while the mouse is away the cat will play” syndrome isn’t allowed to interfere with the boundaries of marriage under which they live.  Boredom is to be avoided at all costs or unfaithfulness can occur.

Male and female Geminis alike have a sense of mischief around them especially when it comes to lovers and very often the thrill of the liaison is often far more seductive than the act itself. Drama and intrigue is naughty and far more fun.

Geminis can do well in all the forms of communicative work, sales, journalism or media.  Because of their love of words many are great orators, actors, musicians and even artists. They usually have a great love of travel, especially if they feel they will learn something along the way.

Life will always be in the fast lane for most Geminians, and they truly need to pace themselves to get the most out of what they learn, and put some structure to their knowledge.  They need to merge the facets of their life so that they are seen as an evolved and spiritually unified being with much to teach.