Gender Female
Grace Earth
Sign Type Cardinal
Number of the Zodiac 10
Ruler ruled by Saturn
Day of the Week Saturday
Colours Green, black, grey, indigo, Gold and violet
Gemstones Jet, black diamonds, onyx, Ruby, lapis lazuli and sapphire
Metal Lead
Flowers and plants Nightshade, ash, hemp, hemlock, weeping willow. Ivy, holly, spinach and barley
Tarot Cards The devil
Cities and Countries Oxford, London, new york, England, mexico, India
Animals The mountain goat Or symbolically, the sea-goat
Negatives Unsympathetic, uncaring, demanding, dictatorial, worships prestige, snobbery, stubborn, sarcastic, pretentious, egotistical, perfectionist, status-seeking, bossy, old-fashioned, unforgiving, fatalistic, miserly, secretive, opportunistic, never satisfied, know it all, cannot relax, fears failing, superiority complex, authoritarian, notices other peoples faults but not their own, impressionable.
Positives Trustworthy, loyal, hard working, cautious, realistic, conventional, concerned, practical, honest, powerful, ambitious, classic, clever, industrious, prudent, good organiser, has high standards, persistent, sensitive to beauty, has a deep understanding of the spiritual, reliable, caring and wise.

Symbolism, mythology and influence

Saturn is a very beautiful planet in its own right. It has coloured rings, many moons and its light can be seen with the naked eye from earth.

Saturn is a male planetary influence, and is very often seen as the teacher, the planet that brings lessons to each person approximately every 29 years. In astrological circles this is called the ‘Saturn Return’ and plays a significant part in the unfoldment of a persons life cycle.

Saturn’s glyph is composed of the same two glyphs as Jupiter but Saturn is inverted and the cross sits over the semi-circle. Saturn represents contraction, the law of limitations, structures and rules. His domain is Earth.

Saturn is often portrayed as the Grim Reaper and even Satan. The Satan-Saturn image is that which cuts man down and brings him to his death or great transformation, irrespective of his station in life. He reminds us all that humans are mortal.

His is also the image of selling one’s soul to the devil for material possessions and longevity!

Upon Earth Saturn serves as the go-between for the struggle between light and dark, good and evil, and it is said that before death if one has passed Saturn’s test that his gentle hand takes you onto the Path of Light into a realm of immortality, or the Otherworld.

Saturn was known to the Greeks as Chronus (or Kronus), Lord of Time, whose mother was Ge the goddess of Earth. Chronus swallowed all his children (except Zeus) because he thought that his children were going to usurp him. But he was persuaded by Zeus to disgorge them and they all became the Titans of mythology in Olympus. Chronus was sent into ‘retirement’, but still yields great power from afar. Just as Saturn does today.

Now, Chronus is often portrayed as the more gentle Father Time who is the giver of gifts to those who have behaved well, and withholds them from those who have not. A modern day Santa Claus.

Esoterically Jupiter and Saturn rule the last four signs of the zodiac as they are usually considered to rule the most impersonal areas of life. The outer planets and signs represent Universal Truth, which is Sagittarius. Universal Government, which is Capricorn. Universal Harmony, which is Aquarius. Universal Divine Love seen through Pisces.

Saturn ruled people take life seriously, for Saturn is the planet of fate, time, sorrow, caution and wisdom, He allows for personal growth by working through and overcoming fears and fulfilling obligations and duties.

Saturn’s lessons however, do not come swiftly as does the energy and teachings of Mars (the other aspect of the force of destruction), as his domain is time, and for him time is infinite, and two old adages that seem to be pertinent here are ‘all things come to those who wait’ and ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. Saturn also is often depicted as holding the Horn of Plenty, or the Cornucopia. This represents the abundant harvest and the rewards that come from all efforts and work well done.

The position of Saturn in a horoscope can reveal what issues must be overcome in one’s lifetime and indicates the Karmic lessons one must go through to reach ‘Nirvana’. Saturn spurs humans on to develop, grow and overcome limitations sometimes with pain attached, sometimes through steadfastly climbing onwards and upwards on our life long task of becoming.

But positive aspects do also come into his domain, such as tact, perseverance, duty, responsibility, a sense of justice and an acceptance of reality.

The 10th house of Capricorn ruled by Saturn sits at the zenith of the zodiac, also known as the Midheaven. In the northern environs Winter Solstice occurs, and in the southern environs Summer Solstice occurs in the period of Capricorn, it is in this period that a perfect balance between north and south occurs, for one spectacular moment in time the earth is in balance, which is why so many religions and alternative practices celebrate the solstices.

The 10th house governs all matters related to ambition, recognition, approach to career, prestige, reputation and parents (usually males), it determines how a person handles responsibility and power, and also governs matters that are official or connected to administration or government. It also pertains to ones public persona, popularity and prestige.


You probably won’t see Capricorn’s wealth or fame, because they’ll be head down working hard to climb the mountain. They like to attain money, power and all the trappings, but do not usually enjoy being known or famous. Though of course there are many famous Capricorns but many of them have a long-standing aversion to any invasion of their private lives. As one famous Capricorn Marlene Dietrich once said, “I want to be alone”.

They are one sign that feels very much like the outsider in the world, or the black sheep of the family, Many Capricorns feel like they are on the outside of everything looking in. At least until they get older.

Capricorn and Saturn rule the 10th house of the zodiac and this fact gives them very strong characteristics that seem to come effortlessly to them. Duty, perseverance, tenacity, and loyalty among others.

They are self-starters and need no one behind them to get them to fulfil obligations or work hard towards their ideals or goals. Capricorns are sometimes the ones who wonder why every one else gets a kick-start in life, but not them. They seem to have to work for whatever it is they want, and more often than not they are willing to do so. But they can also be incredibly resentful to those who have more than they, seemingly without effort.

Capricorns want more than what money can buy though, somewhere inside they desire power. The power that comes from knowing within that they have made it, so that they feel they have found their place in his or her own world.

When Capricorn is at work they like to be in an organised and responsible environment. As an employer they may not be very good at mixing it with their employees but will be fair, trustworthy, and respond when people are in need rather than give perks. As an employee they can be assiduous, conscientious and respectful.

They prefer to work alone, or at least be autonomous; they are not very in good group situations, or at playing office politics. They are unflappable under pressure and take their work seriously indeed. Professions that may suit Capricorns are jewellers, banking, systems analysts, architects, engineers, managers, public relations, professional speakers, actors, musicians and writers. Mel Gibson, Elvis Presley, Rudyard Kipling, Benjamin Franklin and even Janis Joplin are all Capricorns.

This is an old-fashioned sign that lives with old-fashioned values. They cringe at social faux pas, hate being ridiculed or embarrassed in public and this can sometimes stop them from allowing themselves to have a good time or show their true feelings.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, this means that they must put whatever resources, skills and talents they have to good use. They are self-motivated and no one needs to tell them to start work. Being an earth sign also means that mostly these resources, skills and talents will probably be of practical and material use. So to be both cardinal and earth means that they are dynamic and yet ultimately practical.

Physically, Capricorns true to archetype walk swift and sure, after all the mountain goat always knows where to put their feet. Typical Capricorns always watch where they walk in more ways than one! Generally they are smaller in structure and if they get into physical training, which will of course be done with a one eyed determination to be the best, they can develop good musculature which may make them look heavier than they actually are, but which also makes them look fit and healthy. Capricorn presides over the bone structure in physical terms.

Capricorn children can look quite serious and older beyond their actual years, but once Capricorn allows themselves to relax, as they grow older they usually look much younger than their true years. Capricorns are one of the signs of the zodiac associated with longevity. They usually have long lives and many do not reach the pinnacle of their success until they are mature or perhaps even middle aged. Being born a Capricorn usually means success comes later in life rather than earlier. That doesn’t rule it out totally, but true to archetype Capricorns don’t usually hit their full stride until then.

It sometimes takes Capricorns many years to come to terms with their childhood and this can hold them back from success early too. They feel that they may have felt the touch of the cold hand of authority too harshly, or that their father figure was not there for them. Many Capricorns father or father figure left them early too, for one reason or another. Just another lesson from Saturn.

Capricorns have many sides to their nature and they fall into categories, similar to the Scorpio archetype. There are those who never venture further than their own back door, there are those who run hot and cold in their search for whatever it is they desire and there are those who keep climbing, climbing and climbing.

They love plans. Whether it is a daily plan, one year, five year or even 10 year plan. They love them! They can be high and vibrant when things are going to plan, but can be incredibly despondent when life does not work out as they think it should. They use ‘shoulds and ought tos’ an awful lot too! They need to feel appreciated for their efforts and no matter how patient you think they are, you may never realise just how depressed they can be inside. Their personal pride will not allow them to share this with anyone except the closest, most loyal and trustworthy of friends, lovers or spouses.

Because Capricorn is ruled by ‘Father Time’ himself, Saturn’s influence is strong with this sign. Saturn is the planet of discipline, structure and authority and this provides many Capricorns with common sense, or a street-wise sense that is innate.

The placement of Saturn in anyone’s astrological natal chart is important, and points to the male, father figure who not only helps you learn lessons, but charges you to be mindful of your motives and behaviour when the expansive planet Jupiter tells you to ride the waves high. Saturn helps everyone learn the lessons of economy, restraint and tenacity.

It is not surprising however, that once Capricorn feels that they have attained the level to which they have aspired that they develop a fear of losing it all. They hold on tight to their status or money and can become gripped by fear of failure and they can abuse their power. They can also become snobbish and show a leaning towards elitism. This is certainly part of their least attractive traits.

The best thing a Capricorn can feel is to feel vindicated. For no matter what this relates too, whether work, a belief or a stand they have taken, to feel vindicated is, to a Capricorn, a fundamental reward for their work.

As dour as all this sounds, Capricorn too have their own type of humour. They are good at self-effacement and can send themselves up well, but not if it’s someone else that’s doing it. They do not like being made fun of and will not allow anyone to make fun of their family or friends either. They thrive on satire, irony and enjoy an absurd type of humour that picks up on the quirky kind of things that humans tend to do. They do hate crudeness and vulgar humour however. Remember Capricorn is an old fashioned sign with old-fashioned values.

When Capricorn is at home they enjoy routine and are incredibly well organised. They feel they need their home to be a safe haven for their family members, their personal life, and very often their business life too. They are loyal to their family ties and although many of them hate domesticity, they perform their tasks with aplomb because that’s what’s expected of them.

As a lover a female Capricorn can actually be very alluring, but you had better not touch without permission. She is not an easy-going partner and can be very hard to please. Male Capricorns do not wear their heart on their sleeve either. As much as they would both like to frolic and gambol, both are uncomfortable with public displays of affection.

Capricorns often have a classic type of beauty around them, whether male or female, they can be alluring and can radiate great charisma and inner strength.

Capricorns can be shy and awkward in love however, and you may never know how deeply interested they are, because they will not show it outwardly. They need to be secure, emotionally, physically and probably financially, to be able to tell you how much they love you! However, once Capricorn have picked their mates, even if they do not marry, more often than not their commitment in mind and spirit will be enough to bind them to you.

Capricorns usually mix best with other earth signs, their own sign, Taurus and Virgo, but harmony can also be achieved with Scorpio or Sagittarius. Geminis and Leo relationships can be torture and turbulent.

They rarely have casual affairs. If a relationship fails they will try many avenues to ‘fix it up’ before they accept that it is doomed or over. If they are betrayed Capricorn can be very nasty indeed.

They do however make loyal and worthy friends. Once you have earned Capricorns trust, probably through trials of fire and brimstone, then you will never have a more loyal, generous or protective friend – for life.

They have strong virtues and many positive personality traits, but they, like all signs, have their lessons to learn and their negative aspects. They are terrific at organization, responsible and consistent in their approach to life, but they can cling to their past, or live in the past and can take life far too seriously for their own good. They need to learn to understand the feelings of others and be gentler when people show their frailties and humanness to them. They should also remember that there are no pockets in shrouds and should lighten up their attitude to life sometimes and have some fun too.