Gender Male
Number of the Zodiac 1
Ruler Ruled by mars
Day of the Week Tuesday
Colours Red, black, white, magenta Scarlet and carmine
Gemstones Ruby, garnet, diamond Amethyst, bloodstone
Metal Iron
Flowers and plants Garlic, hemp, tiger lily, Onions, holy, poppies, trees with thorns, Cactus, thistles, coriander
Tarot Cards The magician
Cities and Countries Marseilles, Florence, Birmingham England, Palestine, Germany
Animals The ram or the lamb
Negatives Foolhardy, impatience, egotist, brash, jealous, poor judge of character, hates being told what to do, dislikes not being first, selfish, ignores other people, self-centred, aggressive, hates being ignored, hates anyone who they think is better than they are, rude, bullies, is not subtle, highly opinionated, great bravado, impulsive.
Positives Bold, daring, resilient, a leader, charismatic, defends the vulnerable, energetic, creative, competitive, noble, honest, courageous, daring, inspirational, direct, decisive, helps others achieve dreams, loyal.

Symbolism, mythology and influence

Mars is one the better known ruling planets and deity names. It is the planet that is fiery, aggressive and full of action. Its glyph is also one of the better-known ones too, being the sign of male energy shown as a circle with an arrow pointing up and to the right. This signifies the erect penis and outward force of energy. It is also lesser known as the shield and lance held by Mars as he went to war.

Mars is the force of primal matter created out of the energy of the indomitable spirit. Creative action that expresses and becomes manifest in the outer reality we know and live within, causing experiences that are part of our personal life.

In astronomical terms Mars is often referred to as Earths smaller brother, as the planet itself is quite small, with a diameter half that of Earth. It has two Moons, Deimos and Phobos and takes around 687 days to travel through our 12 zodiac signs.

Mars represents the active male force and is embodied within myth as the aggressor, the god of war, and the energy that makes mankind assert itself and express its desires on its outer reality. It also engenders the drive within a person to take action to achieve goals, dreams and ambitions.

To the Hebrews Mars was called ‘madim’, a word closely associated with Adam, Son of God. Ad means light, Om or am indicates the spirit. ‘Adaim’ was therefore the light of the spirit of God come to earth. To the Hindus the god of war was born from the sweat of Shiva the destroyer and they named him Kartikeya.

Greek myth calls him Ares. Ares was the son of Zeus and Hera, and he had two sons called Phobos and Deimos, which loosely translated mean fright and fear respectively. The Greeks revered him and sounded his name at the beginning of battles. Both Greeks and Romans often used battering rams to make themselves known to their enemies!

Of course, our better-known name of Mars comes from the Roman mythology. Mars was an important deity to the Romans and was second in their hierarchy, with Zeus/ Jupiter being the leader. Romans always loved a good fight and were conquerors, so it is no wonder they saw Mars as an incredibly important god.

The Romans ascribed Mars many talents and gifts, not only was he the god of war, but he was incredibly fertile and a protector of their main food sources, which were probably wheat, barley and cattle. In this regard they dedicated the Vernal Equinox to him to celebrate the start of Spring and the month forever became March.

The story of the Golden Fleece narrated both in Roman and Greek myth in which Phrixus was told he would be killed as a sacrifice to the gods. Hermes (Mercury) send Phrixus a sacred ram with a golden fleece and he together with his sister made good their escape flying on the ram. His sister (Helle) fell off and into the river that now bears her name (Hellespont). Phrixus however arrived safely in the assigned place of sanctuary, sacrificed the ram and hung the gold fleece in the Grove of Ares (Mars). The story of Jason and his Argonauts seeking, finding and escaping with the Golden Fleece is a well-known myth and even a movie.

As the primary ruler of Aries, (Mars also co-rules Scorpio), Mars in Aries represents the beginning, a pioneering attitude, the generative quality of spirit and the start of new life. Within a chart Mars usually brings courage, physical energy and great endurance to the individual.

Aries or the Ram has always been designated as a sacrificial animal, but usually in those cases is more often referred to as the lamb. The theme of a sacrificial lamb recurs through the Bible and Christ was known as the “Lamb of God”. For when he made the ultimate sacrifice of his life for the good of mankind Christ was showing that one must transcend the desires and peccadillos of personality in order to gain entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Mars and Aries herald the start of a new zodiacal year and together rule the first house of the zodiac. This house rules one’s primary identity, the image we have of ourselves, and that we show to others. It creates the impression we leave behind us, helps us shape out outer appearances and image. Mars also brings energy and power to our Ego, creates will power and goes some way into shaping the approach we make to life in general.

As Mars passes through the house of the zodiac as it touches each one it imbues it with energy and activates the energies and influences of that house.


As the first sign of the zodiac Aries types quite literally think of themselves, first – and usually always! The Vernal Equinox (Spring in the Northern hemisphere, Autumn in the Southern) is a time symbolically when new life begins. As astrology is based on northern hemisphere archetypes this symbolism denotes primal energy.

This makes Aries people dynamic, creative and very likely extroverted. Because it is the first sign of the zodiac they are also the first fire sign, the first male sign and the first cardinal sign. But that is how it should be. These modalities combine to give Aries its fiery exuberance and its cardinality that drives them to be creative, make things and very possibly work with their hands in the medium of craftwork, and certainly metalwork (through the energy of Mars).

The glyph for the sign of Aries represents the horns of the Ram. The great outward force that is forever seeking a new experience. After all Aries rules the head and the eyes, always searching – always looking.

The Aries mental faculties are instinctual rather than intellectual and often this can cause a strong Aries personality to make many impulsive decisions and jump to conclusions. This is something an Aries must be mindful of, as when they are inclined to leap without looking there are always possibilities of physical injuries, especially to the head and eyes!

They are always strong starters, but very often get bored with things part of the way through. These types are strong leaders and they are often at the head of organisations, but need lots of followers in their wake to finish what they have started.

They are ideas people, thrive on competition, strive to be in control and will take any opportunity offered to make good their dreams and ambitions. But in this arena they also need to take off the blinkers they often wear and see situations more unilaterally and with greater perspective.

However, many Aries are somewhat naïve and can, underneath their high energy façade be incredibly shy and lack confidence in their own decisions, but more often because of a lack of experience than anything else.

But as they grow older many put themselves to a great number of personal tests, not necessarily ones pertaining only to endurance and/or risk, but also so that they can grow and learn and become more confident in their approach to their personal and day to day lives. Aries the ram is the mind forcing itself into action.

As they grow in experience another part of the Aries lesson that soon becomes evident is the need to become more aware of, and be more sensitive to, other people’s feeling and to realise that they can learn from others as well as directly from their own experiences. They need to get past their own self-absorption for this and in youth this is not always possible.

They are driven by the pioneer energy, the urge to act, to be aggressive, assertive and strive to grow out of the sea of unconscious (as depicted by Pisces) in readiness to move into the next phase (as shown in Taurus).

They like the idea of things rather than the actuality, sometimes even more so than material gain. Very often it is the followers of an Aries ideas-person who benefit more financially that the ideas-person themselves. They find the idea itself far more valuable and can get very upset with those who do not see their point of view.

However, Aries has a charm all their own, they can be warm hearted, their effusive energy attracts all kinds of people into their lives. So it is no wonder that Aries gather many friends, acquaintances and lovers around them. Though for quite different reasons than Gemini.

But Aries shouldn’t become too smug, for although their love of adventure, quick perception and clear way of thinking certainly does attract people, these same people can be put off just as quickly by Aries arrogant attitude when someone does not walk their talk! Their intolerance is worn in quite an obvious way for all to see.

Aries need to learn how to be calm and control their impulsiveness. Being such a gung-ho person can provide them with a lot of energy to propel them forward but it burns out quickly too and many Aries types need to learn better control over this energy to put it to better use.

They may often need to be willing to be the sacrificial lamb in order to re-associate her/himself with the masses and learn to cultivate peoples support, love and trust if they are to actualise the new life energy embodied in the Aries spirit.

At work they are not clock-watchers, and have incredible loyalty, but hates limitations and needs a highly creative and strong environment in which to work. They work better within their own business or at least only having to answer to one boss. However they are not very good at details and tend to move on quickly when challenges run out.

Willpower is strong and they are not usually suited to political intrigue or places where office politicking is rife. They just don’t have the time for it, nor are they eminently suited to the role of diplomat! As an employer however, they can be generous when they see others walking their talk and putting in the hours, but can lambast anyone who does not pull their weight.

Aries people are seen in positions of command and work best when in the seat of initiation and able to leave the details and finalisation of a project to others. Many Aries are in the theatre, or business entrepreneurs. But also many Aries and the God of War are drawn to positions of power in the armed forces.

Most typical Aries enjoy physical activity. Anything that allows him or her to showcase their attributes, prowess and superior mental and tactical power is where you will probably find an Aries. Competitive sports attract them, they usually like driving fast and often own sports cars and many enjoy risk taking in physical activities, such as rock climbing, any military pastimes, racing cycles, cars and certainly athletics.

They seem to have an inexhaustible supply of energy and a lot of willpower and seem to rarely need as much sleep as the rest. Their driving force keeps them wired for long periods. Often they can suffer from headaches and stress, simply because Aries rules the head. They don’t usually cave in to this kind of physical illness as they hate being confined, let alone put to bed! But if they do get ill, they expect, no – demand, constant attention to their needs. Thankfully Aries are quick recoveries!

If you have an Aries friend, they will no doubt not be content to be just one of your friends, they want to be the best friend, sometimes the only friend and this is a negative factor for Aries. They can be jealous of other people, even their friends, especially if the friend gets ahead quicker than they or achieves something they did not. An Aries friendship can come and go very quickly.

However, if the friend is conscientious and continues to admire their Aries friend (and doesn’t forget to remain interesting) the friendship can be enduring. Though watch you don’t step on an Aries ego, they can turn very nasty and vindictive if the fragile ego becomes under threat in any way.

They have many signs with which they can easily be compatible with, but should try to avoid the archetypal Virgo, Scorpio, Cancer and Libra where they can! Libra relationships of all kinds can become complicated because of the mirroring effect, as Libra is the opposite sign of Aries. Libra can show Aries how to co-operate and share and teach Aries to be more diplomatic, but Aries may see this as interference until they learn better! Leo and Sagittarius may be better companions.

In partnerships, both in business and in love or marriage Aries wish to be in the drivers seat at all times. Again they tend to leave the day-to-day ritual and mundane routines to the partner while they go off do their creative thing. They need someone they can be proud of, but not someone who in any way looks, sounds or is better than they. The clever partner or spouse to an Aries is one who is modest about their own abilities and sensitive to the Aries ego enough to stroke it when need be.

All things being considered, both male and female Aries can bring energy, enthusiasm to a joint life and loyalty to any partnership that meets their criteria.

Even at home Aries wants to be on top of the heap, but the Aries will ensure a secure home is provided, just don’t try to tie them down! They work hard to make their children’s life a success and can often interfere with the individual’s career choice. They do not usually spoil their children and can be quite strict, but they do offer them lots of love and physical contact. They are usually devoted parents and will fight the good fight in support of their offspring at every turn.

If there are two Aries in a family this can spell trouble, for the clashes will be inevitable, but it will be exciting and challenging!

Love and sex is a conquest for Aries. Male Aries like the chase, sometimes more than the conquest itself. But all Aries, male and female alike, can be possessive, jealous and incredibly defensive of the loved one. But if a partner is unfaithful to them, they just seem to find it totally weird, they just can’t get their heads around why on earth anyone would want anyone else! It’s that ego again.

Sex must be interesting, with passions running high and highly stimulating. When ardour wanes and boredom sets in the Aries archetype becomes disinterested and seeks pastures new. They usually hate submissive partners and almost insist that they remain interesting and challenging to the Aries partner. Anyone who leaves or hurts an Aries can rest assured that to him or her you just do not exist any longer. They hurt very deeply.

The secret Aries thinks they are better and far more interesting than anyone else around. Aries is only ever interests in wining no matter what the challenge. They want to be numero uno – always. But inside them lies the secret fear that they will not be valued, liked or thought of as a winner. This can eat away at the spirit and needs to be addressed as a high priority.

Aries soul journey seems to be to learn patience, to stop leaping without thinking and to stop creating drama where none exists and become more sensitive to others needs and dreams. Learning to give freely of their conceptual ideas and magnificent energy.

They have truly inspirational energy that needs to be channelled out to others. Learning self-discipline is a top priority.