Gender Male
Grace Air
Sign Type Fixed
Number of the Zodiac 11
Ruler ruled by uranus
Day of the Week (not applicable)
Colours light yellow, violet, purple, vibrant blues, ‘electric’ colours
Gemstones topaz, onyx, glass (crystal) blue quartz, sapphire, black pearls
Metal lead
Flowers and plants frankincense, aspen, olives
Tarot Cards the star or (sometimes) temperance
Cities and Countries Leningrad, Salzburg, Hamburg, Sweden, Russia, Canada
Animals Peacock or sea eagle
Negatives Unwilling to share, tactless, arrogant, perverse or eccentric behaviour, aloof, cold, talkative, imposing will on others, no sympathy, outspoken, easily distracted, self-righteous, fanatical, zealot, voyeurism, lack of confidence, crude, pre-occupied with Self, impractical, fixed in their opinions, unbending, out of step with reality, tells others what to do, ignores emotions of others, intolerant, inflexible, uncommitted, bizarre, lawless and remote.
Positives Tolerant, unbiased, thoughtful, strong belief in humanity, loyal in friendship, inventive, independent, creative, objective, a free thinker, great visions of the future, technology interests that benefit mankind, humane, patient, serene, tranquil, tolerant, analytical, truth-seeking, honest, innovative, communicative, open-minded, intuitive, resolute, concerned, thoughtful and caring.

Symbolism, mythology and influence

Uranus was discovered in 1781 and its influences over the zodiac have been studied since that time. The arrival of Uranus, (together with Neptune and Pluto), around the same time frame gave rise to its influence over revolution, change, innovation and unusual events which occur that change the very fabric of society or ones Inner Self.

The planet is almost impossible to detect with the naked eye unlike some of our closer planets, and you need a telescope to view it. It’s the third largest planet in our known solar system and has many moons.

Uranus is one of the three planets mentioned above that form the ‘higher’ octave of the resonating energy within our zodiac. This in broad terms means that the influence they, (both singularly and as a group), exert is on society at large, which then flows onto the individual, rather than working on an individual basis like the closer planets in our system.

The glyph of Uranus is a cross with two semi circles; one at either side facing outwards, the bottom of the cross sits on the circle of life force. The representation is a little difficult to explain in depth, certainly there are many books that can guide you if you wish to know more. In simple terms it is the soul of man joined to the soul of infinity divinely imbued with life force to bring about evolution/revolution on our planet.

According to Greek legend and myth Uranus was god of the sky, who embodied the impersonal force of nature. He was married to Gaia the earth goddess, who grounded him in reality. Very Uranian ruled Aquarians live their lives with their head in the clouds, unless they have many planets (in their natal chart) firmly secured in earth signs!

Gaia hated the way Uranus treated their children and convinced one of their sons (Chronus/Saturn) to castrate him! This castration separated him from the influence of the earth and the myth then continues that he was placed in the sky(air) forever, symbolising the fixed nature of Aquarius. This is sometimes what (mythologically and subliminally) may lie behind many Aquarians’ reticence for marriage and commitment. Fear of being castrated! It can however, also symbolise that once a person is detached from the need for material and earthly possessions that the need for such things is no longer an issue in life.

On must remember here too that through the death of Uranus Venus was created, for when the genitals were cast into the ocean, the goddess of love, art and beauty rose from the sea.

Uranus seems to be very inclined just to do its own thing as it moves through its unusual ecliptic path through the solar system. Its axis spins and changes and we never seem to see the same face of it. It is a planet of extremes and there seem to be no grey areas when under its influence.

It is the planet that challenges tradition and embraces upheaval and change. Its influence can sweep the path clear for innovative progress and brings about unorthodox and quirky changes.

Uranus rules the ‘sixth sense’, the realm of ideas, unique creativity and sublime thought, abstract thinking and theorising. Uranus seems to have a lot to do with those people in our history who have led or are leading progressive movements or whose discoveries have had dramatic affects on mankind as a whole.

Uranus is the higher representation of the planet Mercury too, and as such represents the search for truth, higher meaning and the urge to go beyond the known or to break through limitations, whether real or perceived.

Uranus and Aquarius rule the 11th house of the zodiac. This house governs matters related to wishes, hopes and aspirations, social life, relationships with groups or communities at large. Social reform, the influence of ones personal status on life, truth, freedom, but is also closely attuned to the 10th house through its links to Saturn and so personal prestige and a need for a ‘public face’ sometimes bleed through into the 11th house.


As the ruler of the 11th house Aquarius is very much concerned with mystery, a search for truth, change, humanitarian issues through group affiliations, creative arts, intrigue, liberation of the individual, experimentation, both mentally and scientifically. They are also very much at home with anything to do with electricity, magnetism, technology and telecommunications.

The picture of Aquarius as the Water Bearer often makes people believe that Aquarius is a water sign. But nothing could be further than the truth. The symbolism is only the pouring of change and mental ideas onto the earth from the urn in order to wash away the old, fertilize and renew the earth once more so that new life (ideas) can grow and form. Uranus the planet of evolution drives the Aquarian.

Also, because Aquarius does not have animal connections they can be a difficult sign to pick, and have varied physical looks or general characterisations that one can usually associate with many other signs. They are one of the more difficult of individuals to assign a sun sign to. But individuals they are, and this very fact is one of the underlying issues of their lives as it creates many learning curves and tests that an Aquarian must overcome.

As a fixed air sign Aquarius can be incredibly unbending, sticking to their guns and to the need for freedom, which usually sits on the top of their list of what makes them happy. In fact many Aquarians make the need for freedom and space a personal tenet they live by through life.

When an Aquarian tells you they’ll see you around, that’s exactly what they mean. Not for them to be tied down to appointments and schedules that bind.

This is a paradoxical sign and full of opposites. It is an interesting sign nonetheless and represents not only the need to be humanitarian but preferably to be able to do this from a distance! They crave home, and family connections, but only if they are allowed to be free within the structure of that family. They want it all!

There is a bond here through the marriage issue with Libra, the ruler of marriage, as Uranus is also Libras’ esoteric ruler. This bond suggests that once an Aquarian marries that they usually become more relaxed and balanced, especially if the marriage or bond they have formed supports their hopes, dreams and material desires. But if it does not then the stress can make life very unhappy for an Aquarian. In fact Librans can be a very good match all round for Aquarians.

Looking again how Uranus was dismembered highly emphasises many Aquarians passage through life, where they feel different from the rest, cut off from groups, disowned by family members, or have their personal power cut off, or even lose, or have many jobs in succession. For many Aquarians this is difficult to understand, especially if they are of a lower vibration or less personally developed. If an Aquarian can see that this is the Uranus driving force for change, new opportunities and that changes are coming into their lives, then these situations can be used to advantage.

But many Aquarians or those with Uranus highly positioned in their natal charts can often get sudden and rather shocking changes that forces most to ask of themselves – why me? But again this is usually only Uranus waking the individual up to the possibility of change. It certainly can be one big wake up call!

Aquarians are sometimes the ‘stop-go’ people; they work frenetically for long periods, and then go almost into seclusion or hibernation while they replenish themselves. There is an inconsistent feeling to this side of them and this can make them mentally exhausted. They are not the strongest sign of the zodiac, for their mental meanderings all too often rev them up so that they keep pushing themselves to work on a fine line of energy. There is need for the Aquarian to stop themselves getting so enmeshed with their own inner workings that they forget they have a body and a life to lead! It is very important for an Aquarian to make sure that they live a balanced lifestyle between work and rest, because very often they almost disown their bodies and forget that they exist.

Regular exercise and relaxation is of paramount importance to an Aquarian if they are to fulfil their destiny.

They can be an enigma to family, friends, co-workers and lovers alike. Their behaviour is too erratic for most people to handle, so while the Aquarian wants to have many close connections, their behaviour can all too often drive others away. Then they wonder why! Bit of a Catch 22 sometimes.

Aquarians make many friends, but few have what one would call really great close confidantes. They usually like those people who are intellectually their equal, radical or offbeat. In youth, Aquarians are often the ones who associate with those who walk on the wild side. They are often drawn into drugs and alcohol when in association with these types too as it gives the Aquarian yet another opportunity to detach from reality, albeit in another format.

Their friendships usually end up a bit one sided however, and many an Aquarian will have lost a friend because they believe that their problems come first and are very likely to ignore the issues and/or problems of others. This is more often likely to be a major factor between their relationships with Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, but most certainly with Cancer or Virgo types, who need much more nurturing and love than an Aquarian is usually keen to give. This also an interconnecting factor with love and marriage.

On the positive side however, Aquarians do not usually pass judgement on their friends, and may have many friends or acquaintances from different racial, cultural or ethical backgrounds. This is not of importance to an Aquarian so much as what the friend can offer in the way of mental stimulation.

In business and marriage the Aquarian will probably need unlimited freedom. They are not usually the best sign to work under the guidance of others. Though they enjoy having a mentor who they can learn from on an intellectual level. In marriage, the Aquarian secretly desires someone to look after them, and yet want someone who can look after him or herself too and not lean on them too much.

Aquarians very often have verbal arguments that seem to take the place of physical, sexual or intimate contact. They are usually concerned with their own needs and do not usually find it easy to listen to a partners problems, especially if they are emotional ones. They like to dominate an affair, but can also be quite devoted if they feel they have found the right person. However, their attention span can be quite short. Anyone who demands too much, or limits the freedom usually gets a quick shove out the door.

They can have a romantic tilt to the way they look at life and romance too, and live out a ‘Hollywood dream’ rather than want to engage in the reality of a relationship. Their minds get distracted and are sometimes afraid to get too close, reality can scare them.

There seems to be two types of Aquarians around the home, one is usually elegant and suave, the other type is just messy and does not see the mess they cause as they flit from one thing to another, leaving chaos in their wake.

The mix of behaviours ranges from living in a mess to having an elegant and luxuriously filled home, enjoying gourmet style meals to eating beans on toast. But in married life and in parenthood their relationship takes on a more peaceful energy. They make interesting parents for they encourage individual thinking, want the best education for their children and discourage too much emotionalism in arguments. Preferring to deal rationally and objectively with issues.

Lots of Aquarians have great potential, Uranus drives their creativity to great heights, but this can make them sometimes unstable and cut off from the world at large. Uranus is the future, breakthroughs, scientific discoveries, but they can also think too much, and they can also lose their connectedness with the ‘god-force’ or ‘All-That-Is’ so that intuition and psychic inspiration is stymied.

But to many Aquarians life is a great adventure, they never seem to want to get past the youthful vision of life, they go after spontaneity, the curious and like to often live life moment to moment or ‘on the edge’. They can border on psychotic genius and unbelievable chaos out of which comes great change and inventions. There are many Aquarians in mental homes, but just as many in halls of fame all over the world for their inventions and gifts to mankind.

The Aquarian ego can be precarious; they are certainly non-conformists and can be eccentric and yet highly intellectual. Yet inside they can be extremely unsure of themselves and unwilling to share their thoughts or feelings. They are a fixed sign too, so once they have made their minds up about anything, it is very difficult for them to change or for others to change them.

Unless Aquarius has a purpose little is likely to be achieved, however once they see a purpose or a goal they can make dreams come true. They do need however, not to begin too many projects at once, when they do this they never seem to finish any of them! One of the lessons Aquarius must learn it seems is to focus on one thing at a time and not allow the mental ramblings of the inner mind distract them from finishing what they have begun.

Aquarians can isolate themselves from those around them, almost as if they are encased in glass, they can see out and others can see in, but cannot hear each other. Aquarians seek to be great individuals and unique but sometimes see others as somehow better than they, or having better lives than they do.

To fulfil their soul journey, Aquarians seem to need to develop some real true self-confidence and to realise that it is OK to be different and to acknowledge this and live it, walk the talk and be the best that they can be. They need to stop fearing rejection and learn to share at least part of their lives with others.