Personal Profile

The Adult Profile

A character portrait or profile will outline your potential, explain your characteristics and traits and guide you to discover more about yourself, and give you keys that help you unlock the secrets of your hidden strengths and weaknesses. A personal profile, which is approximately 18-20 pages long and will give you a unique insight into who you are.

The Child Profile

The Child Profile is for babies up to around 14 years of age; past that age they are becoming adults and are having some of their first returns, so any older than that should be seen as adults. These profiles are also 18-20 pages long.

The Child Profile will give you insights and information about your child’s potential, their personality and what you can do to help nurture their positive characteristics, enhance their talents and tailor their lives to lessen the impact of any negativity there may be in their profile.

All personal charts have been cancelled due to ill health

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