About Us

Lesley Booth is the founder of AstroZone. She is an accredited interpretation astrologer and has spent many years studying in private before deciding to take her Astrology knowledge to the people.

Her primary motivation is to support others in their journey to become vital, powerful and creative people. And because she has spent many years teaching Mind Powers and helping thousands to understand how to create their own reality, this approach has become one of the platforms on which Lesley has built her astrology and readings.

Lesley's connections to many whose work encompasses this type of knowledge helps her give a broader based, informed reading that supports you in creating your own reality, every day, by working through your readings and making informed choices.

AstroZone’s daily horoscopes can be found right across Australia’s media, Internet and mobile devices. Why not visit us daily for your star sign's daily AstroZone horoscope and love horoscopes, astrological Tarot card readings, information on the best day for doing certain things, in depth astrological profiles (archetypes) for each star sign, and realtionship compatibility reports that tell you what sign is the best cosmic match for you in love and other relationships.

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